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Ninja Communications was founded by two professional communicators—Dan Agan and Joe Schreiber—who share a common passion for advancing the cause of science and the success of those who dedicate their lives to it.
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The Market Need

When it really counts, when you really need to persuade and influence, how do your communications stack up? Are they a smash hit, or not quite ready for prime time?


The truth is, scads of professionals and organizations struggle to communicate importance, value and meaning convincingly.  They grapple with what to say and how to say it any time they need to open doors, sway attitudes, change minds, win support, or just make people really care.


If that strikes close to home, don’t despair.  It doesn’t mean you’re a bad communicator.  Odds are you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are today without knowing a thing or two about communicating.


Still, when it comes to communicating to persuade or influence, lots of incredibly smart, highly educated, and accomplished professionals—like scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials, researchers, corporate leaders, organization executives, and more—can use some help, because their schooling and career development programs barely skimmed the surface of effective, strategic communication.  Maybe yours did too.  Perhaps you simply never had the opportunity to learn the results-driving techniques, discipline, and secrets that experts use to create and convey crisp, compelling messages.


For example, do you know:


The fundamental failing of most ineffectual communicators;


The “magic word” that increases compliancy;


Why pictures trump slides full of text;


How to help audiences process and remember what you say;


How thinking like a photographer helps audiences relate to your messages; and


How to get back on track when a question leads elsewhere?


Insider knowledge like this (and much more) makes for a marked advantage when it comes to signaling value, driving results, and standing out in a crowd.  That’s because knowing exactly what to say, to whom, and how bears directly on success.  Effective communications launch ideas.  Propel careers.  Drive deals.  Transfer knowledge.  Affect policies.  Shape reputations.  Earn support.  Mold brands.  Secure partnerships.  Ignite opportunities, and a whole lot more.


The good news is virtually all organizations, and all professionals, can become savvier, more successful communicators.


And you can too.  When you know how.


Cue the Ninjas, because here’s where we come in.  We help professionals and organizations fuel success through a unique portfolio of services that transform communications.  In fact, that’s exactly how clients describe what we do.  They say it’s “transformative.”  And we can help you transform too—just as we have thousands of other professionals and a wide range of professional organizations.


Ooh, tell me more…

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