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Ninja Communications was founded by two professional communicators—Dan Agan and Joe Schreiber—who share a common passion for advancing the cause of science and the success of those who dedicate their lives to it.
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In Memoriam: A Tribute to Dan Agan

On December 30, 2017, we lost our founding father Dan Agan, who finally succumbed to a six-year battle with cancer. For his partner and colleagues at Ninja, the loss is deeply profound, considering that Dan was not only one of our best friends, but THE BEST mentor we’ve ever had. While his passing was sudden, it was not unexpected. Dan has spent the past year planning for the future of Ninja Communications to continue to grow as a company to support strategic communications, specifically for science communication. While Dan had an accomplished career as a former PBS executive and marketing and communications consultant, he found his greatest meaning and purpose in training, coaching, and mentoring scientists to communicate the value of their work. Dan pioneered the gold standard of science communications training workshops with the National Science Foundation. He created a library of curricula that was taught to over 6000 scientists in 40 states over the past 8 years. Dan’s final wish was to build an online training platform that could provide communications coaching on demand, 365 days a year, 24/7. We launched just two months before Dan’s passing. It is our mission to carry on Dan’s legacy through our workshops and

Ninja Science Communication Coaching Headed to the Virgin Islands

West Deptford, New Jersey, March 31, 2016: Ninja Communications (, a strategic communications consulting and solutions provider, announced today that Virgin Islands EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) has engaged the firm to conduct two strategic science communications workshops in conjunction with its Annual Conference in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Since 2010, Ninja has created and led dozens of science communication consulting and coaching programs spanning the U.S. and its territories. Through these sessions more than 5,000 U.S.-based scientists, engineers, educators, and other professionals have come away with the insights and skills needed to more effectively champion their science and the scientific enterprise.


In making today’s announcement, Ninja Communications co-founder, Joe Schreiber, said, “Over the past five-plus years, Ninja has been privileged to help thousands of science professionals more skillfully and influentially communicate the value and significance of the work they do every day to improve the human condition. We couldn’t be more honored that Virgin Islands EPSCoR turned to Ninja to help them fulfill this vital mission.”

Frequently lauded as “transformative” by its alumni, Ninja workshops have gained a legion of converts to “The Ninja Way” of strategically communicating. Begun in 2010 under commission from the U.S. National Science Foundation, Ninja’s Becoming the Messenger and Supercommunicator coaching programs have gained prominence in the U.S. science community because of their ability to immediately enhance participants’ communication effectiveness. Workshop participants consistently praise Ninja workshops saying their unique combination of scientifically-informed strategies, practical examples, easy-to-follow tools, and engaging, multimedia-rich sessions provide the proven knowledge and approaches that fuel communication success.

Ninja co-founder, Dan Agan, described the coaching this way, “Ninja workshops aren’t about turning scientists into TV stars or PR flaks. They’re about strengthening the fabric of the scientific enterprise. They equip science professionals with the reliable, commanding voice that enables them to better inform decision making on crucial matters like climate change, cyber security and education, and ensure that society fully appreciates how scientific investment rewards us many times over by consistently making our tomorrows better than today.”


Dr. Carrie Jo Bucklin, Outreach and Education Coordinator of Virgin Islands EPSCoR, said, “Science generally, and VI EPSCoR in particular, have essential roles to play in contributing to public knowledge and engagement on subjects like climate change, ocean acidification, and sea-level rise. Having attended a Ninja Communications workshop in a previous position, I witnessed first-hand just how powerful this coaching is in enhancing scientists’ communications capabilities. When I joined VI EPSCoR, I was eager to bring this same opportunity to my colleague scientists and researchers here in the Virgin Islands, because, quite simply, a Ninja workshop stands out, even among the most effective, valuable professional development programs.”


Two sessions will be held in St. Thomas. The first session, on April 5, 2016, will be a full day of communications coaching entitled, Becoming the Messenger. The agenda covers message creation and distillation, talk-and-slides presentations, media interviews, non-verbal communication, and video production. The second, half-day session, on April 6, will convene a select group of 12-15 professionals to take part in the Ninja Communications Coaching Academy. This session equips participants with the critical assessment and communication coaching skills needed to evaluate communication effectiveness and recommend improvements.


Agan closed by saying, “Meaningful development of communication skills is largely missing from science professionals’ years of formal education and continuing education programs — not just here, but throughout the world. In today’s trans-disciplinary, global, scientific enterprise, more and more science professionals are discovering that these skills are no longer ‘nice to haves.’ They’re absolute necessities for optimal effectiveness and career success.”


Press inquiries: contact Ninja Communications at (202) 350-0725 or by email at

Ninja Communications Launches NinjaComs.Com Website — Opens Gateway to NinjaComs' Science Communications Training and Services for Scientific Community

June 18, 2013, Washington, D.C. — Ninja Communications, the science communications training and services firm founded by the creators and facilitators of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) highly-regarded Science: Becoming the Messenger science communications workshops, launched its official website today at The site not only provides clear evidence of why a legion of scientists, engineers, educators, researchers and other science professionals have converted to the ‘Ninja Way’ of communicating over the past three years, but also presents comprehensive information for educational institutions, federal agencies, scientific associations, science consortia, and other scientific organizations to use in exploring and securing Ninja Communications’ range of expertise and services.


“NinjaComs.Com is a portal to a lifetime of more effective science communications for science professionals,” said Ninja principal Joe Schreiber. “It allows visitors not only to browse NinjaComs’ portfolio of science communications training programs and related services—such as message development, video production, and presentation creation—but also to see and hear for themselves the impact Ninja Communications’ has had on the more than 2,700 scientists and science professionals NinjaComs has coached, mentored, and assisted thus far.”


In addition to comprehensive overviews of how Ninja Communications services benefit scientific organizations and science professionals, also provides detailed contact information, quantitative and qualitative evaluations of NinjaComs’ training programs; biographies of Ninja Communications founders Dan Agan, Chris Mooney, and Joe Schreiber; reference materials to use in planning a NinjaComs workshop or conference event; links to NinjaComs’ social media extensions; a calendar of upcoming NinjaComs engagements; and more.


“First and foremost, we’re creating a user-friendly, multi-media-rich online destination that allows Ninja Communications clients, friends, and visitors to explore what we do, how we do it, and the results we produce,” said Ninja principal Chris Mooney. “But equally important, we’re also putting out the welcome mat to those looking to work with NinjaComs and engage with us through social media.”


But this isn’t to say work on the website is finished. Far from it.


“We’re already thinking about Version 2.0,” said Dan Agan, the third member of Ninja Communications’ founding trio. “Our roadmap includes building in ways for NinjaComs clients and alumni to use the website to share ideas, experiences, best practices, and obtain peer assistance, and to engage with the partners NinjaComs is already seeking. We’re also hard at work on some truly revolutionary enhancements and extensions to our current menu of offerings, some of which will be available through Today’s website is only the beginning.”


Press inquiries: contact Ninja Communications at (202) 350-0725 or by email at

NSF's Science: Becoming the Messenger Communications Workshop Team Announces New Venture to Provide Science Communications Training and Services

May 21, 2013, Crystal City, VA — The brain trust behind the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) highly-regarded and enormously successful Science: Becoming the Messenger science communications workshops announced today at a meeting of program directors and program administrators for the NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NSF EPSCoR) that they are forming a new venture to extend the reach and expand the scope of their science communications training programs and related services. Named Ninja Communications in homage to the workshop’s oft-repeated (and often re-Tweeted) ability to transform science leaders, scientists, engineers, educators, researchers, and science public information officers into ‘deadly ninjas of science communication’, the new venture enables the workshop’s three creators and facilitators, Dan Agan, Chris Mooney, and Joe Schreiber to offer this training, and an expanded portfolio of services, to any science organization.


Begun in 2010 under commission from NSF and the NSF EPSCoR program, Ninja Communications’ science communications workshops arm members of the scientific community with the skills and techniques needed to effectively, persuasively and influentially communicate the importance and value of their science and the scientific enterprise to non-scientific audiences—training often lacking in science professionals’ background, despite their years of education and experience. Over the past three years, Agan, Mooney, and Schreiber have criss-crossed the country conducting dozens of two-day Science: Becoming the Messenger workshops, and have consistently received rave reviews from the workshops’ more than 2,700 attendees.


Science: Becoming the Messenger participants have told us just how transformative and useful this training is,” said Ninja principal Chris Mooney. “Repeatedly, attendees tell us how this training has changed their outlook, improved their ability to communicate their science and its value, and resulted in media coverage that reflects the exact message they want to convey. That’s why virtually all of them—some 97%—say they’d recommend this workshop to others.”


The evidence suggests that many workshop alumni have done just that. As more and more scientists experienced the workshop and recommended the training to their colleagues, word of the workshop’s value and effectiveness spread. The result has been steadily increasing interest in Ninja Communications’ science communications services and workshops from a growing list of scientific organizations beyond NSF and NSF EPSCoR .


Ninja principal Joe Schreiber explained, “Over time, federal agencies, scientific associations, statewide science consortia, individual institutions, and others have asked us about conducting Science: Becoming the Messenger workshops on their behalf and how we might be able to assist them generally increase public awareness and support for their science. While we’ve always been eager to extend our offerings to the entirety of the scientific enterprise, there simply wasn’t a structure in place that enabled us to engage with organizations outside of the NSF and NSF EPSCoR family. Now, with the establishment of Ninja Communications, there is.”


In addition to in-depth coaching in how to communicate more effectively, Ninja Communications also offers assistance in message development and refinement, and a variety of services, like media training, video production and presentation creation, that help science professionals deliver cogent messages across both traditional and emerging media.


“Thanks to NSF and NSF EPSCoR, we’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand just how important the scientific work being done in this country is,” said Ninja principal Dan Agan. “Sadly though, comparatively few of our fellow citizens have been afforded the opportunity we’ve had. The public’s woeful ignorance of the enormous contributions science has made and continues to make to our quality of life, our economic well-being and our educational prowess threatens the vitality of this all-important enterprise. Ninja Communications’ intends to help fix that. Our mission and passion is to equip tens of thousands of science professionals, wherever they might be, with the skills and tools needed to win the broad-based public support that will secure not just a future for science, but a brighter future for all of us.”


Press inquiries: contact Ninja Communications at (202) 350-0725 or by email at

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