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Ninja Communications was founded by two professional communicators—Dan Agan and Joe Schreiber—who share a common passion for advancing the cause of science and the success of those who dedicate their lives to it.
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Ninja transforms communications by transforming communicators—how they approach communicating, how they develop messages, and how they convey the points they want to make.  Even when organizations ask NinjaComs to develop communication strategies, brand positioning, messages, and communications tools for them, we go about it together, so that NinjaComs clients understand what makes effective communications tick and can begin transforming their own communication abilities.


Strategic Communications Coaching

Ninja workhop


Some communication workshops try teaching participants to swim by having them sit poolside.  NinjaComs’s half-day, full-day, and multi-day workshop attendees, on the other hand, dive headfirst into a guided tour of how to apply the same, proven, practical, and disciplined methods that communication professionals use to strategize and craft communications.  Participants come away from half-day and full-day workshops with scientifically-informed, and entirely portable, knowledge, tips, techniques, insights, and tools that they can use, not just immediately, but long after the sessions end, to turbocharge virtually any communication.

Multi-day workshops add one or more extra days for one-on-one coaching sessions and role-playing exercises with smaller groups of attendees.  These more intensive meetings help participants further internalize and apply their skills, as well as hone the self-assessment abilities that keep them growing as communicators.  Finally, NinjaComs wraps every workshop in a highly-energetic, richly-interactive, and multimedia-enhanced package that keeps audiences engaged and clamoring for more.

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Communication Idol Competitions

The perfect addition to receptions or dinners at professional meetings, or standing alone, these lively, good-natured contests cap off NinjaComs communication workshops with an event that is both entertaining and instructive.  Loosely patterned after televised talent competitions, “Idol” pits individuals or teams one against the other in presentation-to-presentation “pitch-offs” to determine who crafts the most compelling message, and who delivers it most convincingly.  As is done on TV, a panel of expert judges scores the competitors and provides constructive feedback, while the audience has its say in who wins by voting online in real-time using any browser-enabled portable device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop).  Anticipation builds throughout the presentations and as the votes are tallied, and culminates with the crowning of the Communication Idol and the awarding of prizes.

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Learning Center

Online Strategic Communications Coaching and Learning Centers

Imagine having communications coaches standing by at any time of the day or night, 24x7x365, ready to help your members, employees, or affiliates figure out and develop exactly what to say and how to say it anytime they need to reach exactly the people they want to reach with crisp, memorable, and convincing messages.

That’s a spot-on description of NinjaComs’s Online Strategic Communications Coaching and Learning Centers.  NinjaComs Online Centers are custom-designed, co-branded, web-based e-learning systems that enable professional associations, organizations, corporations and government agencies to provide large populations of often geographically far-flung employees, members, constituents, and affiliates with a consistent, proven program of professional development in strategic communications.  The Online Centers combine convenient-to-watch, interactive coaching videos, fill-out-and-save online worksheets, downloadable guides, extensive additional learning resources, and self-assessments in integrated learning modules (called theaters) that transform users, step-by-step, into more persuasive, capable, and effective communicators.

You can check out a NinjaComs Online Center by visiting the National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR NinjaComs Learning Center by clicking HERE.  You can’t enroll of course because it’s not your online center, but you can poke around on the home page, take the tour (a really good overview), and generally see firsthand what a valuable resource an Online Center can be for any organization.

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Speaking Engagements

Without diving as deeply as it does in workshops, NinjaComs delivers the same winning combination of informative, engaging content through shorter, single topic presentations at conferences, meetings, and other professional gatherings.  Drawing from its rich portfolio of subject matter expertise, NinjaComs combines practical information with real-world experience to set audiences thinking about a particular facet of communications, such as branding, elevator pitches, talk-and-slides presentations, video production, media interviews, and more.

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NInja speaking engagements
Ninja one-on-one media training

One-On-One Media Training

NinjaComs helps executives and spokespersons put the organization’s best foot forward when dealing with the media and other essential influencers.  Media interviews—whether print or broadcast—are stressful.  Reporters have one job to do; spokespersons have quite another.  Through an iterative process of video-recorded mock interviews and press conferences, information sharing, and coaching, NinjaComs helps executives and spokespersons transform these potential black holes into golden opportunities by arming your spokespersons with the information, skills, techniques, and confidence needed to prevail in live, pre-recorded, and even remote interview situations.

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Other Services

Communications Consulting

Sometimes organizations want or need more direct NinjaComs involvement in creating their communications.  They might be hard up against a deadline.  Or lack the internal communications bandwidth or expertise they need.  Or they simply recognize that a fresh perspective and expert insights will take them to the next level.

Whatever your needs are—from developing crisp messages to defining communication strategies or having an Emmy Award-winning production team tell your story through a captivating video—talk with us.  Working hand-in-hand, we’ll find the new gear that puts your messages and communications into overdrive.

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Ninja communications consulting
Ninja brand value

Brand Value Discovery and Articulation

Nowadays, it seems like everyone talks about brands and “branding.”  They’ve become hot buzzwords people like to bandy about in meetings and coffee pot discussions.  But what is a brand—really—and how do you get and build one?  Your logo isn’t a brand.  Neither is your tagline.  So what is it?

NinjaComs parts the curtains to solve the mystery and reveal not only what a brand is, but also what it means.  Then, using techniques proven effective in helping non-profits, associations and large, multinational corporations, discover and clearly define their brands, NinjaComs’s Brand Value Discovery consulting helps define your organizational brand, capture its essence, align organizational thinking behind a single, compelling brand vision, and articulate a winning brand position.

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